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Monday, January 28

07:00 EST

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201: A Community of Practice for Employment Counsellors Room | Salle 201Krista Benes • Annette Borrows 202: MyHomeWorks: Bringing Local Labour Market Information to Students Room | Salle 202Madelaine Currelly • Jennifer Lamantia • Kristen Larocque 203: Open Badges: Digital Credentials for 21C Careers Room | Salle 203Don Presant 204: Expertise and Excellence: Reclaiming the Career Development Sector Room | Salle 204Sarah Delicate 205: On-Campus Employment: Route to Top Skills Acquisition Room | Salle 205Jennifer Browne 206: Facilitation, Diversity and the Future of Work | L’animation, la diversité et l’avenir du travail Room | Salle 206Letecia Rose 207: FAST Track to Apprenticeship Success Room | Salle 207Rob Shepard 209: Coaching Clients to Create a Positive Digital Footprint | Conseiller ses clients sur la création d’une empreinte numérique positive Room | Salle 209Anthony Berardi • Jean Giroux 210: Career Chats: A New Group Career Advising Format Room | Salle 210Atifa Karim 211: Modernisation de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse Room | Salle 211Jocelyne Voisin 213: Bridging the Skills Gap for Traditionally Marginalized Groups Room | Salle 213Wendy Cukier • Mark Patterson 214: Students, Careers & the Impact of Post-Secondary Education Room | Salle 214Graham Donald 215: Understanding Interview Anxiety: Causes, Coping and Consequences Room | Salle 215Silvia Bonaccio • Deborah Powell 208: Breaking Down Barriers: Community-Led Stories of Impact Room | Salle 208Mohja Alia • Carolyn Ferguson • Marcus Jamieson • Jessica Popp 212: Leveraging Employer Partnerships for an Inclusive Labour Market Room | Salle 212Kayla Brien • Kristen Thoms

10:30 EST

11:00 EST

201: Dying to Live: Breakthrough Stress and Health Practices Room | Salle 201Ken Keis 202: Practitioner-Based Research: How to Get It Done! Room | Salle 202Teresa Francis • Rebecca Hudson-Breen • Jessica Isenor 203: Indigenous Stories of Success: Academics, Career & Well-Being Room | Salle 203Kathy Offet-Gartner 204: Finding Your Path: Orienting Newcomers with Technical Backgrounds Room | Salle 204Elina Sharkova • Madison Watson 205: Integrate Career Theories in Practice Room | Salle 205Charles P. Chen 206: Cultivating Leadership | Cultiver le leadership Room | Salle 206Shellie Deloyer 207: Self-Care for Career Practitioners Room | Salle 207Michael Sorsdahl 209: Supporting Global Competencies Through Career Education: Possibilities and Problems | Favoriser l’acquisition des compétences générales par l’éducation au choix de carrière : possibilités et pro... Room | Salle 209Christine Schandl 210: Career Development for Our Field: A National Conversation Room | Salle 210Donnalee Bell • Ali Breen 211-1: (Carrousels) Développement de carrière en milieu éducatif pluriethnique Room | Salle 211Mélissa Bissonnette • Myra Deraîche • Cynthia Martiny 211-2: (Carrousels) Tirer parti des partenariats entre pays : apprentissage interculturel hors de la classe Room | Salle 211Karl Napoleon 213: Canadian Career Development: Legacies of Leadership Room | Salle 213Lynne Bezanson • Sareena Hopkins • Kris Magnusson 214: A Better Story’s Answer to Career Foreclosure Room | Salle 214Gray Poehnell 215-1: (Carousels) Career Guidance Program for Primary Years Room | Salle 215Mauli Mahajan 215-2: (Carousels) Ethnic Identity and Occupational Aspirations in Middle Years Room | Salle 215Michelle Nilson 215-3: (Carousels) Future of Work: Changing Our Relationship with Change Room | Salle 215Karena de Souza 215-4: (Carousels) Informed Career Choices Room | Salle 215Hoda Kilani 208-1: (Carousels) Crossing the Confidence Barrier: Empowering Women for Employment Room | Salle 208Joanna Jaskielewicz 208-2: (Carousels) Bridging the Skills Gap Room | Salle 208Denise Rollin 208-3: (Carousels) Constructive Insights: Developing Trends in Construction Employment Room | Salle 208Trent Soholt 212: PANEL: Demographic Shifts, Big Data and Predictive Models Room | Salle 212Didier Dubois • Jake Hirsch-Allen • Strac Ivanov • Trudy Parsons • Steven Tobin • Hamoon Ekhtiari

12:15 EST

13:30 EST

201: Helping Students Thrive in Post-Secondary and Career Transitions Room | Salle 201Jay Gosselin 202: University-to-Work Preparations … Career Readiness Competencies Measure Up! Room | Salle 202John Ault 203: Transforming Careers and Experiential Learning: A Trent Perspective Room | Salle 203Jason Dennison • Tom Phillips • Kelly Zatorski 204: Language Matters: Better Word Choices = Better Outcomes Room | Salle 204Lisa Kelly 205: Impact Analysis of Innovative Career Education Activity: Results Room | Salle 205Kathy McDonald • Lee Taal 206: STEM Careers: Essential for a Comprehensive Career Program | Formation en STIM : un élément essentiel de tout programme de services d’orientation professionnelle Room | Salle 206Craig White 207: Bridges: The Generations and Career Development Room | Salle 207Suzanne Cook 209: Front-Line Worker Profile in the Settlement Sector | Profil des travailleurs de première ligne dans le secteur de l’établissement des nouveaux arrivants Room | Salle 209Iren Koltermann • Daniel Scott 210: Exploring Unique Programming for Graduate Students Room | Salle 210Frances Humphreys • Dorota Rams Skazinski 211: La simplicité intelligente Room | Salle 211Guy Lucas 213: Innovative Learning Experiences as Preparation for Workplace Innovation Room | Salle 213Candy Ho 214: What Career Services Do International Students Wish They Had? Room | Salle 214Nancy Arthur • José Domene • Natalee Popadiuk 215: Engaging Students Early: A Post-Secondary Career Planning Group Room | Salle 215Rebecca Balakrishnan 208: Labour Market Trends and Employer Expectations Room | Salle 208Muhammad Saeed 212: Becoming an Ally for Inclusion in the Workplace Room | Salle 212Lisa Moon

14:30 EST

201: What's Known About Career Development & Mental Health Room | Salle 201Michael Huston • David Redekopp 202: Get Ready ICCDPP 2019: Here Comes Canada! Room | Salle 202Lorraine Godden • Kathy McDonald • Paula Wischoff Yerama 203: Extending Promising Practices: Updating the FIMES Inventory Project Room | Salle 203Suzanne Klinga • Lisa Semchuk 204: Helping Career Seekers Navigate the New Work Order Room | Salle 204Clarence DeSchiffart • Laurie Edwards 205: Career Counselling with Soul Room | Salle 205Spencer Niles 206: Retention Skills Assessment Tool (R-SAT): Improving Workforce Retention | Outil d’évaluation des capacités de rétention des employés (R-SAT) : améliorer le maintien en poste de l’effectif Room | Salle 206Mandie Abrams • Randy Lindsay 207: I Can’t Go Because Reasons Room | Salle 207Donnie Jeffrey • Karen Schaffer • Juliana Wiens 209: Infusing Career Across the Curriculum | L’intégration du développement de carrière aux programmes d’études Room | Salle 209Kris Magnusson 210: An Ecosystem Approach to Career Development Room | Salle 210Karla Gouthro • Kim Kiloh 211: L’advocacie professionnelle chez les conseillers d’orientation Room | Salle 211Patricia Dionne • Simon Viviers 213: Embedding Career Education in the University Curriculum Room | Salle 213Marisa Brown • Leigha Covell • Miguel Hahn 214-1: (Carousels) Career Counsellor or Business Coach? Evaluating Self-Employment Room | Salle 214Nancy Wilson 214-2: (Carousels) Crafting Your Job to Increase Well-Being at Work Room | Salle 214Jessica Londei-Shortall 214-3: (Carousels) Kindling "Ignite": A Post-Secondary Experiential Learning Employment Program Room | Salle 214Sydney Murray • Kerri Zold 214-4: (Carousels) Portfolio – One Amazing Career Development Tool! Room | Salle 214Helene Cadotte-Gagnon • Elizabeth Nicholas 214-5: (Carousels) Translating the Warrior: Supporting Military Career Transitions Room | Salle 214Meghan Reid • Michael Sorsdahl 215-1: (Carousels) Is the Dream Job a Ludicrous Idea? Room | Salle 215Priscilla Jabouin 215-2: (Carousels) Making Self-Employment A Realistic Option Room | Salle 215Karen McDonald-Hurley 215-3: (Carousels) So You Want to Write a Book Room | Salle 215Sarah-Jane VandenBerg 215-4: (Carousels) Strategies and Tips for Leading Excellent Team Meetings Room | Salle 215Cathy Ginsberg 215-5: (Carousels) Using Digital Portfolios to Enhance Career Education Room | Salle 215Colin Asuncion 208: Indigenous Engagement in IT & Advanced Manufacturing Sectors Room | Salle 208Trina Maher 212: PANEL: Micro-Training in an Age of Macro-Disruption Room | Salle 212JD Dillon • Denis Gravelle • John Horn • Sandra Larwill • Jackie Pichette

15:45 EST

16:10 EST

201: Client-Focused E-Learning Room | Salle 201Deborah Bromley • Tamara Cameron 202: Professional Mentoring, Professional Practice and Employer Engagement Room | Salle 202Ritu Ganju • Kyle Turner 203: Case Management: An Essential Specialization in Employment Services Room | Salle 203Connie Corse • Teresa Francis 204: Career Pathways in K-12 at Edmonton Public Schools Room | Salle 204Chelsea Erdmann • Sean Jones • Ann Parker 205: Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work Room | Salle 205Lisa Taylor 206: Career Services for Students with Disabilities: From Post-Secondary to Rewarding Careers | Orientation professionnelle pour les étudiants handicapés : des études postsecondaires à un travail enrichiss... Room | Salle 206Roxana Jahani Aval • Frank Smith 207: Conestoga Career Course Partnership Embeds Gamification, Experiential Learning Room | Salle 207Lisa Bauman • Mark Franklin 209: Granted You Have a Great Idea… Now What? | Vous avez une bonne idée. Et maintenant? Room | Salle 209Riz Ibrahim 210: Making Meaningful Career Connections: Leveraging Your Community Mentors Room | Salle 210Carol Lam • Amelia Merrick 211: Advocacy, femme immigrantes et counseling de carrière groupal Room | Salle 211Patricia Dionne 213: Collaborative Innovations in Career Development for Distinct Groups Room | Salle 213Korrie Belanger • Jessie Eulenberg 214: Work-Integrated Learning: Exploring Challenges & Solutions Room | Salle 214Wendy Cukier • Roger Pizarro-Milian • Brian Robson 215: Careers of the Future and Challenges to Overcome Room | Salle 215Abla Krouma 208: #NLWIC Innovation Jam Room | Salle 208Susanne Dawe • Joanne Kendrick • Sharon Mclennon 212: Service Co-ordination and Community Partnership Room | Salle 212Jennine Agnew-Kata • Paige Marlow

17:00 EST


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