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Tuesday, January 29

07:00 EST

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201: Engage Clients with eLearning: Getting Started Room | Salle 201Christine Brown 202: What's So Different About Autism Anyways? Room | Salle 202Sarah Taylor 203: Adult and Continuing Education: A Culture of Care Room | Salle 203Lorraine Godden • Sandy Youmans 204: Big Picture Learning: One Student at a Time Room | Salle 204Maribeth Tabanera 205: You’re Hired: No Resume, Just Resiliency and Skills Room | Salle 205Pinder DaSilva • Lisa Kelly 206: When Career Development Meets Curriculum | Quand l’orientation professionnelle fait partie du programme d’études Room | Salle 206John Ault • Kimberly Matheson 207: From Barriers to Resilience: Building Sustainable Youth Employment Room | Salle 207Zach Blumke • Mythra Lagueux 209: Resilience: Key to Work-Life Success | La résilience : clé de l’équilibre travail-famille Room | Salle 209Valerie Ward 210: Virtual Reality: The Future Tools for Career Practitioners Room | Salle 210Karen Caldwell • Harrison Olajos • Sue Watts 211: Indigenous Engagement & Economic Inclusion Room | Salle 211Sherman Kong • Christie Spencer 213: Graduate Student Internship Program: Insights from Four-Year Pilot Room | Salle 213Andrea Spevak • Tyree McCrackin 214: From Hidden Sorrow to Acknowledgement and Support Room | Salle 214Catherine Hajnal 215: A Professional Development Accelerator: Achieving Engagement and Results Room | Salle 215Roger Woolsey • Kate Yee 208: Popular Vote Goes to ESC’s Common Assessment Process! Room | Salle 208Wendy Richards • Carol Stewart 212: New & Critical Skills Competencies for Employment Practitioners Room | Salle 212Evelyn Akselrod • Gladys Okine

10:30 EST

11:00 EST

201: Linking Improved Career Development & Mental Health Together Room | Salle 201Clarence DeSchiffart 202: The Brain Science of Communication in Today’s Workplace Room | Salle 202Laura Hambley • Meghan Reid 203: Expanding Horizons: Creating Middle Schoolers' Career Paths Room | Salle 203Elisa Carlson • Michelle Nilson 204: Career Practitioners’ Well-Being: Clinical vs Administration Supervision Room | Salle 204Sonny Wong 205: Job Search Zombies Room | Salle 205Dan Walmsely 206: Let’s Talk About Ethics! Navigating Ethical Dilemmas | Parlons éthique! Composer avec les dilemmes éthiques Room | Salle 206Roberta Neault • Deirdre Pickerell 207-1: (Carousels) Creating & Delivering Integrated Programming- A Guide Room | Salle 207Ann Boyd 207-3: (Carousels) Quality Assurance for Supported Employment Services Room | Salle 207Jeannette Campbell 207-4: (Carousels) The Disability Confident Employer Program Room | Salle 207Tiffany Kelly • Ciara Williams 207-5: (Carousels) The Soft Skills Edge: Training for Resilience Room | Salle 207Maddy Macnab 209: Comment saisir les rapports au travail contemporains? | Understanding Contemporary Attitudes Toward Work Room | Salle 209Geneviève Fournier • Simon Viviers 210: Using Metaphors for Exploration, Extension and Engagement Room | Salle 210Norman Amundson 211: Look Beyond Job Titles - A New Approach Room | Salle 211JP Michel 213: Future Skills: Preparing for the Future of Work Room | Salle 213Rhonda Fernandes 214-1: (Carousels) Career Boost Connections: Holistic Support for Student Success Room | Salle 214Emily Jones 214-2: (Carousels) Employer Engagement: Tips and Tools for Success Room | Salle 214Catherine Tosello 214-3: (Carousels) How to Adapt Concept-Mapping Intervention to Client Needs Room | Salle 214Katie Denomme • Amy Evans • Miguel Hahn 214-4: (Carousels) Pre-Employment Training for Job Fit and Retention Room | Salle 214Michelle Suchiu • Carolyn Warkentin 215-1: (Carousels) Accessing Credit: How Microloans Are Getting People Jobs Room | Salle 215Laura Diaz 215-2: (Carousels) Mobilizing Work Study Supervisors as Career Champions Room | Salle 215Atifa Karim 215-3: (Carousels) Designing for Student Career Development and Success Room | Salle 215Joy Andrews 215-4: (Carousels) Employment Factors Enhancing Organization-Based Self-Esteem Among PWD Room | Salle 215Amani Hitimana 215-5: (Carousels) The Begin Again Group: Empowering Refugee Women Through Microenterprise Room | Salle 215Wessam Ayad • Madeleine Nerenberg 208-1: (Carousels) ALiGN: A Sector-Based Model for Addressing Talent Shortages Room | Salle 208Adam Morrison • Gladys Okine 208-2: (Carousels) Digital Disruption and the Supply Chain Labour Force Room | Salle 208Pina Melchionna 208-3: (Carousels) Northern Ontario: The Sleeping Giant Awakening Room | Salle 208Stephanie Ash • Yaye Peukassa 208-4: (Carousels) Outcomes-Based Contract Management: Empowering Saskatchewan Suppliers Room | Salle 208Yessica Ascencio • Shannon Macoretta 208-5: (Carousels) The Superpower of Success Stories Room | Salle 208Ana Lokotkova 212: PANEL: Community Collaboration for a Thriving Workforce Room | Salle 212Adriana Beamans • Ryan Deska • Peter Honeywell • Catherine Ludgate • Rosemarie Powell

12:15 EST

13:30 EST

201: Our Career Practitioner Role in Mental Health Intervention Room | Salle 201Michael Huston • David Redekopp 202: A LEAN Career Canvas Room | Salle 202Adriano Magnifico 203: Creating a Strengths-Based, Coaching Climate with Multi-Barriered Clients Room | Salle 203Patricia King • Deborah Miller • Cindy Roemer 204: Client-Centred Approach Model Room | Salle 204Tammy Martin • Brenda Ross-Jerome 205: Entrepreneurship: If You Build It, Will They Come? Room | Salle 205Jill Kirson • Barbara Wilson 206: Navigating the Development of an Online Career Course | Savoir préparer un cours d’orientation professionnelle en ligne Room | Salle 206Cynthia Gracey Dunch • Dorothy Ritz 207: From 21 Million Web Views to a Classroom Experience Room | Salle 207Don Fraser 209: Brand Building for Clients with No Work History | Créer une image de marque pour les clients sans expérience de travail Room | Salle 209Deirdre Millin 210: The Learning Cycle, Culture Shock and Change Adaptation Room | Salle 210Eric Pye 211: Perceived Competence of School Counsellors of Ontario Room | Salle 211André Samson 213: Gap Years as Skill-Building Experiences Room | Salle 208Michelle Dittmer 214: Innovative Approaches to Supporting Newcomer Jobseekers Room | Salle 214Suzana Belan • Aimee Holmes 215: Engaging the Online Generation by Gamifying Career Development Room | Salle 215Ronda Ansted 208: It's Time to Get Decent: Advocacy in Action Room | Salle 208Donnalee Bell • Sareena Hopkins 212: Creating a Canadian Soft Skills Consensus: Project Results Room | Salle 212Paul Brinkhurst • Randy Lindsay

14:30 EST

15:45 EST

16:10 EST

201: Trauma-Informed Career Development Practice Room | Salle 201Seanna Quressette 202: Beyond Generation Jobless: Successfully Navigating the School-to-Work Transition Room | Salle 202April Dyrda 203: Using Credential Evaluation to Integrate Internationally Educated Professionals Room | Salle 203Jodi Tingling 204: Engaging Faculty: The Good, the Challenges, the Unexpected Room | Salle 204Esther Chung • Byung Oh 205: How Effective Are You at Connecting? Room | Salle 205Linda P. Cousineau • Jay Gosselin 206: 19 Productivity Hacks Every Career Practitioner Should Know | Dix-neuf conseils pour améliorer la productivité des intervenants en développement de carrière Room | Salle 206Daisy Wright 207: Hired! How to Get the Zippy Gig Room | Salle 207Sheila Musgrove 209: Maximize Impact of e-Career Services: A Research-Based Model | Maximiser l’impact des services de développement de carrière en ligne : un modèle fondé sur la recherche Room | Salle 209Tannis Goddard 210: Addressing Ageism in Older Entrepreneurs Room | Salle 210Helen Hirsh Spence • Debra Yearwood 211: Stages en entreprise : vecteurs d’intégration en emploi? Room | Salle 211Mylène Mattei • Gabrielle St-Cyr 213: Finding Meaning & Motivation Room | Salle 213Shellie Deloyer 214: Your Organization and People with Disabilities Room | Salle 214Kristen Klassen • Peter Tonge 215: Creating a Career Learning Framework and Curriculum Map Room | Salle 215Karen McCrank • Amelia Merrick 208: Demystifying the Demand Side Room | Salle 208Deirdre Pickerell • Barbara Wilson 212: Internationally Trained Professionals: They’re Here, Now What? Room | Salle 212Jeff Brownrigg • Colin Jakubec

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