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Monday, January 28

11:00 EST

201: Dying to Live: Breakthrough Stress and Health Practices
You need to manage well with stress and health to increase success in all of areas of life! Determine
current stress and wellness levels in 5 specific areas. From these benchmarks, specific strategies will be recommended to reduce stress and improve wellness in each. Application includes new directions for growth to improve health, performance and quality of life.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Confirm personal health and wellness levels in 5 categories
  • Learn specific wellness and stress reduction strategies
  • Leave with a personal action plan for improved health and techniques

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Ken Keis

Ken Keis

CEO/President, CRG Consulting Resource Group
Dr Ken Keis is an expert on leadership, wellness, assessments and developing your life purpose. An author, speaker and consultant – in 29 years, Ken has conducted 3,000+ presentations and authored 4 million+ words of content.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 201

11:00 EST

202: Practitioner-Based Research: How to Get It Done!
Practitioner-based research (PBR) helps our field by identifying best practices, sharing innovative ideas, and demonstrating to our stakeholders that our work is effective. In this session, the CCPA Career Counsellors Chapter Executive will provide resources on structuring PBR, introduce our organization’s grant that could help fund your project, and lead small group discussions to further develop your research ideas.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Increased awareness of the importance of practitioner based research
  • Obtained access to resources on structuring practitioner research projects
  • Developed their ideas for a practitioner-based research project

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Teresa Francis

Teresa Francis

Owner - Past President of the Career Counsellors Chapter, Teresa Francis Consulting - CCPA Career Counsellors Chapter
Teresa Francis is a career counsellor and a consultant in career development and RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). She is the immediate Past President of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) Career Counsellors Chapter.  
avatar for Rebecca Hudson-Breen

Rebecca Hudson-Breen

Assistant Professor - President of the Career Counsellors Chapter, University of Alberta - CCPA Career Counsellors Chapter
Dr Rebecca Hudson Breen, Assistant Professor in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta, conducts research on the relational contexts of career, and career and addictions. She is President of the CCPA Career Counsellor's Chapter.
avatar for Jessica Isenor

Jessica Isenor

Past President, CCPA Career Counsellors Chapter
Jessica Isenor is a Past President of the CCPA Career Counsellors Chapter. During her term the chapter launched the Practitioner Research Grant to encourage career practitioners to conduct research to establish their own evidence-based practices.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 202

11:00 EST

203: Indigenous Stories of Success: Academics, Career & Well-Being
Kathy has focused her life's work in the areas of the interconnectedness of Indigenous student success, career development and wellness. She uses success stories to demonstrate how academic and career interventions lead to better wellness, stress reduction and new stories. This interactive session will introduce a model of mental health intervention, highlight stories of success, and invite audience interaction.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Greater awareness of academic and career issues facing Indigenous peoples
  • Understanding of how academic and career success interplay with well-being
  • Awareness of success stories as a career and wellness intervention

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Kathy Offet-Gartner

Kathy Offet-Gartner

Counsellor, Mount Royal University
Kathy Offet-Gartner is a Counselling Psychologist within Student Counselling Services of Mount Royal University. Working for over three decades with and for Indigenous communities, she believes that academic success, career and well-being are connected and interwoven.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 203

11:00 EST

204: Finding Your Path: Orienting Newcomers with Technical Backgrounds
Have you ever had an internationally trained engineer in your office and not known what to tell them? Newcomers with experience in engineering and the construction/industrial sector may have job titles and backgrounds that are misrepresentative of their Canadian equivalents. Learn successful strategies for orienting new Canadians with technical profiles towards a viable long-term career.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain a better understanding of newcomers’ technical profiles
  • Discover tools to identify newcomers’ most marketable transferable skills
  • Effectively communicate viable alternative career options to newcomers

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Elina Sharkova

Elina Sharkova

Facilitator/Employment Consultant, Power of Trades, YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region
Elina Sharkova, Facilitator/Employment Consultant for Power of Trades program, is an Adult Learning Specialist with several years of experience as a group facilitator for diverse audiences of professionals in a variety of industries.
avatar for Madison Watson

Madison Watson

Director, Trades Talent Link, YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region
Madison Watson, Director of the YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region’s Trades Talent Link project, has been working directly with newcomers in skilled trades and programs which support them since 2011.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 204

11:00 EST

205: Integrate Career Theories in Practice
This presentation elaborates on the potential and promise of meaningful integration of career theories to understand and promote individuals’ vocational well-being. To this end, a wealth of constructs and tenets from career theories are utilized to frame a meta-framework that comprises several essential themes for career construction. The framework engenders insights to inform and direct career development practice and counselling.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the link between theory and pratice in life-careers
  • See the great potential of theoretical integration in career development
  • Utilize a meta-theoretical framework in career development practice

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Charles P. Chen

Charles P. Chen

Professor, University of Toronto
Charles P. Chen, PhD, is Professor of Counselling Psychology and a Canada Research Chair at the University of Toronto. He is a featured social scientist in Canadian Who’s Who and Who’s Who in the World.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 205

11:00 EST

206: Cultivating Leadership | Cultiver le leadership
We are all leaders in our own lives, personally and professionally! Learn practical and effective tools for taking ownership and standing in your power to create the results you want. You’ll gain tangible practices for demonstrating excellence, adopting a successful mindset, and achieving your goals; all of which can be used to advance your own career and for guiding others.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Tangible leadership skills for all work environments
  • Establish and maintain a positive, supporting, successful mindset
  • Empowering self and other to demonstrate excellence and leadership

Nous sommes tous des chefs dans nos vies personnelles et professionnelles. Découvrez des outils pratiques et efficaces pour prendre votre place et le contrôle de votre vie, afin d’obtenir les résultats que vous souhaitez. Vous aurez accès à des méthodes concrètes pour atteindre l’excellence, adopter une attitude gagnante et réaliser vos objectifs – des atouts pour gravir les échelons professionnels et guider vos collègues et vos proches.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Développer des compétences concrètes en leadership pour tous les milieux de travail
  • Acquérir et conserver une attitude positive, empathique et gagnante
  • Se donner et donner aux autres l’occasion de faire preuve d’excellence et de leadership

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Shellie Deloyer

Shellie Deloyer

President, Trainer, Coach, Speaker | Présidente, formatrice, mentore et conférencière, Bright Futures Solutions
Shellie Deloyer is a professional development trainer, master coach and business owner. She has extensive experience working with individuals and organizations to unlock their potential, build new skills and achieve their goals.Shellie Deloyer est formatrice en perfectionnement de... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 206

11:00 EST

207: Self-Care for Career Practitioners
This interactive session focuses on a review of the challenges faced by career practitioners by the
nature of their work (including vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout), and how to identify
symptoms. Our focus will be working together to expand and implement evidence-based self-care
strategies in the practitioner's everyday life to increase resilience and remain healthy in their practice.

Learning Outcomes:
  • To identify symptoms of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout
  • To develop awareness on both personal and professional self-care strategies
  • To create an implementable evidence-based self-care plan

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Michael Sorsdahl

Michael Sorsdahl

Registered Provisional Psychologist, Canada Career Counselling
Michael is a Registered Psychologist, Clinical Counsellor and Senior Reserve Military Officer. He is the owner of Juvenation Wellness Centre on Vancouver Island, and specializes in trauma, LGBTQ2+, couples, career transitions and counsellor development.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 207

11:00 EST

209: Supporting Global Competencies Through Career Education: Possibilities and Problems | Favoriser l’acquisition des compétences générales par l’éducation au choix de carrière : possibilités et problèmes
This interactive presentation discusses three critical issues in public education: 1. The essential role that "global" competencies in creativity, health, social-emotional learning and citizenship play for student success and life chances, 2. The critical role guidance counsellors play in supporting students in these areas, and 3. Their scarcity as a resource, along with other related infrastructure and resources in schools.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Role guidance counsellors play in supporting students in global competencies
  • Connection of global competencies to infrastructure and resources in schools
  • Scarcity of these resources in elementary and secondary schools

Cette présentation interactive porte sur trois éléments clés de l’éducation publique : (1) l’importance des compétences générales pour la créativité, la santé, le développement social et affectif et la compréhension des droits et des obligations des citoyens dans la réussite et les perspectives de vie, (2) le rôle essentiel des conseillers dans ces domaines, et (3) le manque de conseillers, d’infrastructures connexes et de ressources dans les écoles.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Comprendre l’importance des conseillers dans l’acquisition des compétences générales
  • Comprendre la relation entre les compétences générales et les infrastructures et les ressources dans les écoles
  • Constater la rareté de ces ressources dans les écoles primaires et secondaires

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Christine Schandl

Christine Schandl

Research Manager | Responsable de la recherche, People for Education
Christine Schandl is the Research Manager at People for Education. Christine is an experienced educator with a master's in teaching. She is currently studying for a PhD in education and has expertise in classroom assessment.Christine Corso est responsable de la recherche à l’organisme... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 209

11:00 EST

210: Career Development for Our Field: A National Conversation
As a field, we're not great at promoting our value to Canadians. Join us in conversation with a diverse panel of people who are effectively showcasing the benefits of career development. Learn from perspectives in rural Nunavut, higher education, non-profit, the blogosphere, private practice and even a weekly TV guest expert. Let’s step outside our silos and combine voices.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Learn why more informed and engaged clients help you/your centre
  • Career practitioners are collaborating/communicating. Learn how you can too
  • Learn effective digital marketing/social media strategies for career development

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Donnalee Bell

Donnalee Bell

Managing Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation
Donnalee Bell is Managing Director with CCDF. Passionate about the career development field, she works to bring its potential to the workforce development goals of governments, employers and communities. As co-moderator, she brings 3CD board experience.
avatar for Ali Breen

Ali Breen

Millennials Career Coach, Ali Breen Career Coaching
Ali Breen coaches millennials using narrative, experiential and innovative approaches in her private practice. She brings her experiences as Community Growth Manager for OneLifeTools and Marketing team for 3CD's Canada Career Month as co-moderator of the panel.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 210

11:00 EST

211-1: (Carrousels) Développement de carrière en milieu éducatif pluriethnique
Quelques pratiques des intervenants scolaires liées à l’intégration culturelle, linguistique et socioprofessionnelle des personnes immigrantes en milieu éducatif québécois seront présentées en y montrant les défis des acteurs rattachés à l’inclusion, la résistance face aux mécanismes d’exclusion, l’implication professionnelle pour l’élaboration des connaissances et des stratégies innovantes. Une discussion suivra autour de la question : comment enseigner le développement de carrière pour impliquer davantage d’acteurs dans l’intégration et l’inclusion des personnes issues des minorités?

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Connaître les concepts d’intégration et d’adaptation, les mécanismes d’inclusion, d'exclusion
  • Identifier des attitudes et habiletés appropriées en milieu éducatif pluriethnique
  • Porter un regard sur la conduite éthique en milieu pluriethnique

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Mélissa Bissonnette

Mélissa Bissonnette

Professeure, Université du Québec à Montréal
Mélissa Bissonnette est professeure à la Faculté des sciences de l’éducation de l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Elle s'intéresse à la gestion de la diversité en éducation et au développement d'une compétence interculturelle et inclusive.
avatar for Myra Deraîche

Myra Deraîche

Maître de langue, Université du Québec à Montréal
Myra Deraîche est maître de langue à l’École de langues de l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Elle poursuit un doctorat en éducation et s’intéresse aux jumelages interculturels, à la rhétorique interculturelle et à l’éducation interculturelle.
avatar for Cynthia Martiny

Cynthia Martiny

Professeure, Université du Québec à Montréal
Cynthia Martiny est professeure à l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Ses intérêts portent sur le jumelage interculturel, les compétences des praticiens de l’orientation en contextes multiethniques, l’intégration professionnelle des immigrants et le travail en group... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 211

11:00 EST

211-2: (Carrousels) Tirer parti des partenariats entre pays : apprentissage interculturel hors de la classe
L’apprentissage par expérience internationale est à la hausse. Les effets de telles expériences sur le développement de compétences comme la résilience, la capacité d’adaptation et la sensibilité interculturelle sont bien connus. Cette séance, qui met l’accent sur la France, explique comment tirer parti des partenariats entre le Canada et d’autres pays afin de favoriser l’apprentissage par expérience internationale et interculturelle hors classe. Elle présente aussi les avantages d’une telle pratique pour les étudiants, les jeunes, ainsi que le milieu universitaire et de l’industrie.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Présenter aux participants les options d’apprentissage international qui s’offrent aux étudiants et aux jeunes
  • Étudier les problèmes auxquels font face les établissements et les étudiants en matière d’activités d’apprentissage international
  • Déterminer les mesures à prendre par le gouvernement pour s’attaquer à ces problèmes

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Karl Napoleon

Karl Napoleon

Directeur adjoint du programme, Expérience internationale Canada
Karl Napoléon est un directeur adjoint du programme Expérience internationale Canada au sein de l’Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada (IRCC). Son équipe, responsable des opérations du programme EIC, encourage la participation des jeunes  de l’étranger au Programme... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 211

11:00 EST

213: Canadian Career Development: Legacies of Leadership
What does leadership mean to you? Canada has had an enviable legacy of career development leadership. In 2017, we lost Bryan Hiebert, one of those leaders who left a powerful legacy. Join a panel of Stu Conger Award recipients who will share their sources of inspiration and influence, and reflect upon the next leadership challenges for career development in Canada.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explore what leadership means to you
  • Explore different facets of leadership and how these inspire action
  • Identify leadership gaps and opportunities to strengthen our field

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Lynne Bezanson

Lynne Bezanson

Executive Director Emeritus, Canadian Career Development Foundation
Lynne Bezanson is Executive Director Emeritus of CCDF, chairs the ICCDPP and serves on the Executive of 3CD. A respected author, researcher and educator, Lynne received the Stu Conger Gold Medal for Leadership in Career Development.
avatar for Sareena Hopkins

Sareena Hopkins

Executive Director | Directrice générale, Canadian Career Development Foundation | Fondation canadienne pour le développement de carrière
As Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation and founding Executive Officer of 3CD, Sareena Hopkins works to move from ideas to action in areas of public policy, research and development, training and advocacy.À titre de directrice générale de la Fondation... Read More →
avatar for Kris Magnusson

Kris Magnusson

Dean, Faculty of Education | Doyen, Faculté de l’éducation, Simon Fraser University
Kris Magnusson (Dean, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University) is passionate about career development and learning in all forms; 2006 recipient of the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Development.Kris Magnusson, doyen de la Faculté d’éducation de l’Universit... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 213

11:00 EST

214: A Better Story’s Answer to Career Foreclosure
Career foreclosure can affect people at any age, especially in later life. The belief that their career journey is over may lead to crippling hopelessness, depression, or anxiety. Cultivating a better story is a life-long journey in which people can rewrite their story at any age in ways that enable them to explore and pursue their future possibilities and opportunities.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Present the concept of career foreclosure and its impact
  • Demonstrate that stories are never over, even with age
  • Explore how to rewrite story to discover new possibilities

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Gray Poehnell

Gray Poehnell

Career Consultant, Ergon Communications
Gray Poehnell explores holistic career approaches that cultivate hope, practical spirituality, creativity and imagination. He has extensive experience in working with Aboriginal, immigrant and mainstream clients and currently trains career practitioners nationally and internation... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 214

11:00 EST

215-1: (Carousels) Career Guidance Program for Primary Years
A career guidance program was developed and implemented in Grades 1 to 4, with the purpose to provide students with successful educational experiences. Each career activity was pilot tested before implementation. Focus in the primary years was career awareness and exploration through curriculum enhancement. Activities were evaluated by all stakeholders and were redesigned for future implementation.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Importance of career guidance program for primary years 
  • Individual needs of students are met through the program
  • Collaboration of students, teachers, parents, community members and career team

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Mauli Mahajan

Mauli Mahajan

Head of Careers, GEMS Modern Academy
Mauli Mahajan earned her master’s in school counselling from University of Scranton, PA and PhD from M.S. University, India. Mauli has over 18 years' experience in the field of teaching, counselling, career development, behavioural science, research and training.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 215

11:00 EST

215-2: (Carousels) Ethnic Identity and Occupational Aspirations in Middle Years
Ethnic identity in adults has been shown to play a role in occupational choices; however, the development of this relationship in Canadian youth is still largely unexplored. In this study, we draw on longitudinal interviews to explore the relationship between the strength of youth ethnic identity and their occupational aspirations in an urban Canadian school district.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Measures of ethnic identity in research
  • Development of the relationship between ethnic identity and career aspirations
  • Exploring person fit models to encourage diversity in employment

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Michelle Nilson

Michelle Nilson

Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
Michelle Nilson is an Associate Professor of Education at Simon Fraser University, where she works with community foundations and school districts to understand student transitions to career and post-secondary education.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 215

11:00 EST

215-3: (Carousels) Future of Work: Changing Our Relationship with Change
The speed of innovation continues to accelerate. By coaching students to enjoy the journey en route to their destination, we teach them to observe and respond to changes in the environment around them. Preparedness + Foresight = Situational Advantage.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Embrace the inevitability of change and leverage it
  • Career development is like defensive driving - be prepared
  • Preparedness + Foresight = Situational Advantage

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Karena de Souza

Karena de Souza

Founder, FUTUREcasting
Futurist. Strategist. Parent. Karena de Souza uses the ability to see possible futures 5-15 years in the future to help her audience develop strategies on when and how to change course and position themselves for success.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 215

11:00 EST

215-4: (Carousels) Informed Career Choices
Participants will gain insight into the need to prioritize career planning among emerging adults (18-26). Many youth go to university or start careers and often too quickly they find that they made the wrong choice since their expectations were not met. I will share strategies that career development professionals can use to ensure a smooth transition for these emerging adults.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Insight into the need to prioritize youth career planning
  • Ways to increase youth career awareness
  • Strategies to increase students’ awareness of their career path

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Hoda Kilani

Hoda Kilani

Career and Academic Coach, The Right School and Career Fit
Hoda Kilani is a Career and Academic Coach. She started The Right School and Career Fit after experimenting with multiple careers but throughout it all, her passion for supporting emerging adults realize their goals was evident.

Monday January 28, 2019 11:00 - 12:15 EST
Room | Salle 215