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Monday, January 28

14:30 EST

201: What's Known About Career Development & Mental Health
Building on last year’s Mega session on mental health, this session reviews a model of career development/well-being relationships, summarizes the research on mental health outcomes related to work and career development, identifies areas in which research is still needed, and offers practical ways by which practitioners can build mental health outcomes into their promotion and evaluation practices.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand a framework connecting career development and mental health
  • Learn recent comprehensive research findings on work and mental health
  • Learn ways to promote/evaluate well-being outcomes arising from career interventions

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Michael Huston

Michael Huston

Counsellor, Mount Royal University
Michael Huston is a counsellor and focuses on career development with specific interest in counsellor training, career intervention strategies and outcomes, career development as mental health intervention, and work and well-being.
avatar for David Redekopp

David Redekopp

President, Life Role Development Group Ltd.
Working for over 30 years in the wide-ranging career development field, Dave Redekopp is still curious about worker-workplace relationships, work-life connections, psychological health, the quirkiness of human behaviour, and more.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 201

14:30 EST

202: Get Ready ICCDPP 2019: Here Comes Canada!
In this interactive session, members of Team Canada will share progress on the Country Action Plan formulated at the 8th International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) in Seoul, Korea. Session participants will be invited to review Canada’s 2017 Action Plan and provide input into the Country paper for Canada heading into ICCDPP 2019 Symposium in Norway.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Examine highlights of the International Symposium relevant for your practice
  • Examine progress on Canada’s Country Action Plan 2017
  • Contribute to Canada’s County Paper for ICCDPP 2019

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Lorraine Godden

Lorraine Godden

Assistant Professor, Queen's University
Lorraine Godden, PhD, is an Assistant Professor (Queen’s University), and Co-Chair of the Practical and Academic Research Committee at CERIC. Lorraine investigates career development policy and was a proud member of Team Canada, ICCDPP 2017.
avatar for Kathy McDonald

Kathy McDonald

Project Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation
After 31 years in the public education sector working in diverse roles at the school, school board and ministry levels, Kathy McDonald is thrilled to be working as Project Director with the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF).
avatar for Paula Wischoff Yerama

Paula Wischoff Yerama

Executive Director, Career Development Association of Alberta
Paula Wischoff Yerama, CCDP, is Executive Director of the CDAA and Chair of the 3CD Certification Working Group. She is proud to have served on Team Canada at two ICCDPP Symposia (2015 and 2017).

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 202

14:30 EST

203: Extending Promising Practices: Updating the FIMES Inventory Project
The session focuses on the updating of the First Nations, Inuit, Métis Essential Skills (FIMES) Inventory
Project (www.fimesip.ca). We will report on the inventory of innovative Aboriginal Essential Skills
Initiatives across Canada and highlight the 12 Markers of Promising Practices, sharing a self-assessment tool based on the 12 Markers that can be used to develop and strengthen FIMES programming.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Current innovative FIMES initiatives: examples and models
  • The 12 Markers of Promising Practice in FIMES programming
  • Using the 12 Markers to strengthen your FIMES initiatives

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Suzanne Klinga

Suzanne Klinga

Project Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation
Suzanne Klinga is a master trainer with expertise in research, program design and essential skills profiling. She has developed and delivered competency-based professional development training programs for Aboriginal career development practitioners throughout Canada.
avatar for Lisa Semchuk

Lisa Semchuk

Project Analyst, Canadian Career Development Foundation
Lisa Semchuk has a BA and MA in anthropology. She is a Project Analyst with the Canadian Career Development Foundation and is currently researching First Nations, Inuit and Métis Essential Skills initiatives across the country.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 203

14:30 EST

204: Helping Career Seekers Navigate the New Work Order
With automation and globalization, workforce disruption is driving opportunities for economic and personal growth. Our emerging role will be to help individuals navigate new, unpredictable and ambiguous career landscapes. We will contrast old work order concepts with newer ones highlighted in current Canadian and Australian research. This perspective emphasizes that career seekers carry more portable skills into future work.

Learning outcomes:
  • Understand and apply new approaches to career development
  • Integrate new research into career practice
  • Share knowledge of career development challenges in today's workforce

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Clarence DeSchiffart

Clarence DeSchiffart

Career Consultant
Clarence DeSchiffart works as an Adjunct Professor at Acadia University, teaching career courses in the MEd (Counselling) program. Clarence, alongside Laurie Edwards, are recipients of the Stu Conger Award in Career Development and the Nova Scotia Career Development Association's... Read More →
avatar for Laurie Edwards

Laurie Edwards

Manager, Student Advisors, Nova Scotia Community College
Laurie Edwards, BA, MPA, is the Manager of Student Advisers, Student Services for the Nova Scotia Community College. Laurie leads the college’s advising and diversity staff located in 13 NSCC student services campuses.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 204

14:30 EST

205: Career Counselling with Soul
This interactive session highlights strategies for encouraging clients to make career choices to honour their souls or authentic selves. Soul-based choices are grounded in authenticity, meaning and purpose. Emphasizing the psychology of use, we can facilitate the consideration of the most essential questions that guide us toward achieving our unique purpose.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn the importance of making soul-based career choices
  • Learn soul-based career counseling techniques
  • Apply soul-based techniques to your own career choices

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Spencer Niles

Spencer Niles

President, National Career Development Association
Spencer Niles is the Dean and Professor, School of Education, College of William & Mary. Previously, he was Distinguished Professor and Department Head at Penn State and Professor at the University of Virginia. He also currently serves as President of NCDA.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 205

14:30 EST

206: Retention Skills Assessment Tool (R-SAT): Improving Workforce Retention | Outil d’évaluation des capacités de rétention des employés (R-SAT) : améliorer le maintien en poste de l’effectif
R-SAT is the first systematic and objective post-employment assessment tool in Canada. This tool assists employers and case workers to create structured, individualized post-employment and retention supports to vulnerable entry-level workers. Learn about how the R-SAT tool works and how it can better help you support highly barriered workers to retain employment and to advance in their careers.

Learning Outcomes:
  • What are post-employment retention supports 
  • How does this tool support workers and employers
  • What is R-SAT and how does it work

R-SAT est le premier outil d’évaluation post-embauche systématique et objectif au Canada. Il aide les employeurs et les responsables de dossiers à créer des programmes structurés et personnalisés pour favoriser le maintien en poste des employés débutants plus vulnérables.   Apprenez-en plus sur l’outil R-SAT et sur la façon dont il vous permettra d’aider les travailleurs qui doivent relever de grands défis pour conserver leur emploi et gravir les échelons.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Définir ce qu’est l’aide au maintien en poste
  • Comprendre les avantages de l’outil pour les travailleurs et les employeurs
  • Connaître et comprendre le fonctionnement de l’outil R-SAT

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Mandie Abrams

Mandie Abrams

Executive Director | Directrice générale, Hospitality Workers Training Centre
Mandie Abrams is the Executive Director of the Hospitality Workers Training Centre where she is responsible for supporting organizational growth and development. She has worked in the non-profit sector in Canada and internationally for over 20 years.Mandie Abrams est directrice générale... Read More →
avatar for Randy Lindsay

Randy Lindsay

CEO | Directeur général, Futureworx
Randy Lindsay is the Executive Director of Futureworx, a community-based organization dedicated to helping people overcome obstacles to employment. Randy has worked extensively in the field, both at the front line and in his current role.Randy Lindsay est directeur général de Futureworx... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 206

14:30 EST

207: I Can’t Go Because Reasons
Career counsellors at Saint Mary’s University conducted narrative research to explore how students engage with career services, and are now using the stories collected to improve service delivery. Join us for this interactive, activity-based presentation! Learn to work intuitively with student stories to draw out themes that inspire change, and hear about steps we’ve taken to translate research into action.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the complexity of student processes around accessing career services
  • Recognize the value of narrative research as an assessment tool
  • Learn how to apply narrative research to improving career services

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Donnie Jeffrey

Donnie Jeffrey

Career Services Manager, Saint Mary's University
Donnie Jeffrey is the Manager of Career Services at Saint Mary's University. He is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with a master's degree in counselling psychology and over 20 years of experience in clinical therapy.
avatar for Karen Schaffer

Karen Schaffer

Career Counsellor, Saint Mary's University
Karen Schaffer has 20+ years of experience in Career Counselling, holds a master's in counselling psychology, and has published three books on careers and job searching. She is a Career Counsellor at Saint Mary's University.
avatar for Juliana Wiens

Juliana Wiens

Career Counsellor, Saint Mary's University
Juliana Wiens is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) with master's degrees in counselling and women's studies, and over 12 years of experience in career development. She is currently a Career Counsellor at Saint Mary's University.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 207

14:30 EST

209: Infusing Career Across the Curriculum | L’intégration du développement de carrière aux programmes d’études
Several K-12 jurisdictions are engaging in curricular revisions. These times of revision provide excellent opportunities for infusing career principles and practices, both within specific “career” courses as well as across subject and grade levels. Doing so requires a way to conceptualize age and stage appropriate activities and interventions. Come explore one framework for infusing modern career practices across curricular contexts.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identification of the critical career challenges all learners face
  • Application of the 5 core processes of career interventions
  • Organizing information in a dynamic portfolio (a “true cv”)

De nombreux administrateurs du milieu scolaire, de la maternelle à la 5e secondaire, ont entrepris de réviser les programmes. Cette période de révision est une excellente occasion d’incorporer les principes et les méthodes de choix de carrières aux cours d’orientation professionnelle, ainsi qu’aux cours plus généraux, à tous les niveaux d’études. Il faut pour ce faire concevoir des activités et des interventions appropriées à l’âge et au niveau d’études. Étude d’un cadre de travail qui permet d’incorporer le développement de carrière aux programmes d’études.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Cibler les défis que tous les étudiants doivent relever dans leur choix de carrière
  • Utiliser les cinq processus clés des interventions dans le développement de carrière
  • Organiser l’information dans un document dynamique (approche True CV)

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Kris Magnusson

Kris Magnusson

Dean, Faculty of Education | Doyen, Faculté de l’éducation, Simon Fraser University
Kris Magnusson (Dean, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University) is passionate about career development and learning in all forms; 2006 recipient of the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Development.Kris Magnusson, doyen de la Faculté d’éducation de l’Universit... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 209

14:30 EST

210: An Ecosystem Approach to Career Development
There are many factors that influence a student's career development. UBC's Centre for Student Involvement & Careers has adopted an accessible framework for conceptualizing career development, which values the breadth and depth of these influences across and beyond the university. The session will showcase how this approach has mobilized students, faculty and staff to helps students design their lives.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Articulate a broad conceptual framework for career development
  • Explain student-facing career development outcomes
  • Describe core theories and approaches that underpin the framework

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Karla Gouthro

Karla Gouthro

Manager, Career & Professional Development, University of British Columbia
Karla Gouthro contributes to the UBC community as the Manager, Career & Professional Development, supporting the Centre for Student Involvement & Career’s strategic direction on career education to support the university’s capacity to prepare career-ready graduates.
avatar for Kim Kiloh

Kim Kiloh

Director, Centre for Student Involvement & Careers, University of British Columbia
Kim Kiloh leads UBC’s Centre for Student Involvement & Careers, which facilitates career-building experiences, connects students to alumni and employers, and helps students become successful university learners, prepared to achieve their academic, personal and career goals.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 210

14:30 EST

211: L’advocacie professionnelle chez les conseillers d’orientation
L’advocacie est devenue une compétence-clé de la pratique du développement de carrière (Arthur, 2013). Intervenir sur les contraintes systémiques nuisibles à l’exercice de sa profession fait partie des défis à relever pour assurer une réponse pertinente, juste et adaptée aux besoins des personnes, groupes ou organisations desservies. À partir d’une recherche menée auprès de groupes de conseiller.e.s d’orientation, cette communication présentera un portrait qualitatif de certaines pratiques pouvant être associées à des actions d’advocacie professionnelle.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Connaitre les fondements de l'advocacie sociale et professionnelle
  • Découvrir de nouvelles manières concrètes de pratiquer l'advocacie professionnelle
  • Conscientiser et partager les défis de sa pratique d'advocacie professionnelle

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Patricia Dionne

Patricia Dionne

Professeure, Université de Sherbrooke
Professeure adjointe à l'Université de Sherbrooke au département d'orientation professionnelle. Thèmes de recherche : analyse de l’activité, counseling de carrière groupal, immigration, orientation professionnelle d’adultes en situation de pauvreté et de précarité, bilan... Read More →
avatar for Simon Viviers

Simon Viviers

Professeur | Professor, Université Laval
Les recherches et enseignements de Simon Viviers portent sur les enjeux psychiques et sociaux du travail dans le monde contemporain et sur les pratiques de recherche et d’accompagnement en groupe et en collectif.Simon Viviers’ research and teaching is concerned with contemporary... Read More →

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 211

14:30 EST

213: Embedding Career Education in the University Curriculum
Embedding career in curriculum is a powerful strategy for reaching new students – especially those reluctant to seek out career services. Hear from our panel on their experiences embedding career into curriculum, strategies for building partnerships and instructional design, and career content and activities. Get new ideas and share in the discussion of moving career readiness forward on our campuses!

Learning Outcomes:
  • Exposure to ideas and activities for use in career curriculum
  • Strategies for forming collaborative partnerships and navigating the university structure
  •  Working with instructional design principles to align with faculty objectives

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Marisa Brown

Marisa Brown

Career Curriculum Specialist, Brock University
Marisa Brown leads and develops career curriculum for Co-op, Career & Experiential Education at Brock University. With 10 years of experience in post-secondary career programming, Marisa’s speciality is grounded in integrating career theory into practice.
avatar for Leigha Covell

Leigha Covell

Instructional Designer, Queen's University
Leigha Covell is an Instructional Designer with Queen’s Engineering Teaching and Learning Team where she provides pedagogical support for course design and development. Leigha is an active member of the LEAP Network on campus.
avatar for Miguel Hahn

Miguel Hahn

Head Career Counsellor, Queen's University
Miguel Hahn is Head Career Counsellor at Queen’s University. His training includes education, counselling psychology, and business, with 14 years experience in Career Education leading successful projects like the CACEE award-winning Major Maps.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 213

14:30 EST

214-1: (Carousels) Career Counsellor or Business Coach? Evaluating Self-Employment
By 2020, nearly half of Canadians will be self-employed. How do we help people transition from the gig economy to sustainable self-employment? What new skills are required to accommodate the changes in career and employment options? What resources exist (or should exist) to support the increase in self-employment and entrepreneurship?

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the impact of self-employment and entrepreneurship on career development
  • Identify the additional skills required to counsel self-employed individuals
  • Identify and understand the resources available to support self-employed clients

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson

CEO, Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce
Nancy Wilson (CPA, CGA) is the co-founder and CEO of the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC). CanWCC is a national, not-for-profit organization that advocates for the economic priorities of women-owned businesses.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 214

14:30 EST

214-2: (Carousels) Crafting Your Job to Increase Well-Being at Work
Job crafting is about changing your job to make it more meaningful. It will build on research on how crafting your job can improve your well-being, performance and meaning at work. Through a series of exercises the objective of this session will be to have participants craft their own job, and learn how to help their clients craft theirs. Empirical data from my thesis will also be presented.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How to craft your job
  • How to increase your well-being at work
  • How to help your clients craft their jobs

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Jessica Londei-Shortall

Jessica Londei-Shortall

Consultant, Leadership Assessment and Development, Optimum Talent
Jessica Londei-Shortall focuses on individual evaluations for selection and development purposes, team interventions and the development of other solutions for organizations of various sizes. She has a PhD in organizational psychology from Université de Montréal.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 214

14:30 EST

214-3: (Carousels) Kindling "Ignite": A Post-Secondary Experiential Learning Employment Program
In 2017, the University of Windsor re-designed its on-campus work study program to focus on the principles of experiential learning. This new employment model, branded as “Ignite,” provides students with opportunities to build skills relevant to their career development. Discover the University of Windsor’s journey in “programizing” work study, including lessons learned, future plans, and the impact on international students.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Define experiential learning and its importance in enhancing career development
  • Apply experiential learning strategies to campus employment programs
  • Examine experiential learning's impact on the employability of international students

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Sydney Murray

Sydney Murray

Program Co-ordinator, University of Windsor
Sydney Murray is the Ignite (work study) Program Co-ordinator at the University of Windsor. She has three years of experience co-ordinating student life programming at various post-secondary institutions, with a focus on career development services.
avatar for Kerri Zold

Kerri Zold

Manager, Career Development & Experiential Learning, University of Windsor
Kerri Zold is a career development professional with 15 years of experience in higher education. She is currently the Manager of Career Development & Experiential Learning at the University of Windsor.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 214

14:30 EST

214-4: (Carousels) Portfolio – One Amazing Career Development Tool!
The Trenton MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre) has been offering Portfolio Development Courses designed specifically for the unique needs of the military community for years. We are in awe realizing how amazing this tool is and the successes we have witnessed. Join us as we share our experiences and a chance to build your own “portfolio development toolbox.”

Learning Outcomes:
  • See how Portfolio Development helps the Canadian Armed Forces community in Trenton
  • Customize the Portfolio Development Process to fit your clientele
  • Create a Portfolio Development toolbox of resources

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Helene Cadotte-Gagnon

Helene Cadotte-Gagnon

Welcome & Family Transition Program Coordinator, Trenton Military Family Resource Centre
Helene Cadotte-Gagnon is a true champion of the Trenton MFRC’s Portfolio Development Program. Part of the initial launch of this program, Helene consistently brings her expertise, enthusiasm, positivity and passion for working with and supporting our military families in the Trenton... Read More →
avatar for Elizabeth Nicholas

Elizabeth Nicholas

Employment & Education Co-ordinator, HR Support, Trenton Military Family Resource Centre
Elizabeth Nicholas, CHRL, combines her natural passion for empowering others with 18+ years of professional employment/educational counselling. A self-proclaimed PLAR Goddess, she thrives on assisting the military community to successfully attain their transitional goals.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 214

14:30 EST

214-5: (Carousels) Translating the Warrior: Supporting Military Career Transitions
This session will provide career practitioners with insight into military culture and equip participants with strategies to engage military clients in career planning/development/transition conversations. Areas of focus will include: beliefs and messages (stemming from and about military), translating military skills into complimentary civilian skills, counselling do's and don’ts, key questions for military clients, and research resources for clients and practitioners.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Increased understanding of military culture to support rapport building
  • Career resources for clients with military experience/their career practitioners
  • Increased awareness of marketable transferrable military skills

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Meghan Reid

Meghan Reid

Toronto Team Lead, Registered Psychologist, Canada Career Counselling
Meghan Reid is a Registered Psychologist who focuses on career and workplace psychology. She leads the Toronto office of Canada Career Counselling, having supported hundreds of clients across Canada to make strategic and informed career decisions.
avatar for Michael Sorsdahl

Michael Sorsdahl

Registered Provisional Psychologist, Canada Career Counselling
Michael is a Registered Psychologist, Clinical Counsellor and Senior Reserve Military Officer. He is the owner of Juvenation Wellness Centre on Vancouver Island, and specializes in trauma, LGBTQ2+, couples, career transitions and counsellor development.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 214

14:30 EST

215-1: (Carousels) Is the Dream Job a Ludicrous Idea?
In today’s society and status quo mentality, it’s challenging to imagine how to make your
dream “career” become a reality, especially when you have bills to pay and one or many
mouths to feed! But, anything is possible when you have the right tools and method to set a
strong foundation to create positive change in your and your client’s career.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Why it's time to strive for the dream job
  • 3 key tenets for a positive career change
  • How to take action before you're ready to take action

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Priscilla Jabouin

Priscilla Jabouin

The Dream Job Catcher, My Map to Happiness
Priscilla Jabouin is a career and personal development coach with a master's in counsellingpsychology. She developed her trademark, a unique self-discovery method for clients todiscover their heart’s desires and pursue a “career” they love.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 215

14:30 EST

215-2: (Carousels) Making Self-Employment A Realistic Option
Traditional secure, full-time, year-round jobs are disappearing. How can you recognize if and when self-employment is the best fit? With the discontinuation of the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program, what do you look for and how do you access training to ensure long-term success past startup? Come to this session to learn your clients' options.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How you can help your clients consider self- employment
  • What are the best resources available to help
  • Learn how to set your client up for real success

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Karen McDonald-Hurley

Karen McDonald-Hurley

Lead Consultant/Founder, Opportunity Group
Recognized small business expert, Karen McDonald-Hurley has worked with hundreds of businesses throughout Eastern Ontario assisting them with start-up, growth and exit strategies. She is the creator of Business Plan BootCamp, an innovative planning tool.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 215

14:30 EST

215-3: (Carousels) So You Want to Write a Book
Have you ever wondered about writing a book or had a client ask about making a living as an author? Are you curious about where to begin for yourself or your client? Come explore the world of writing and publishing with the author of Lost & Found: Empowering Teens To Make The Best Career Decisions and demystify this career/income option.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Various processes for completing a manuscript
  • Resources available to help with writing and publishing
  • Publishing options and the pros and cons of each option

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

Sarah-Jane VandenBerg

Chief Motivator & Joy Officer, Passionate Income
Sarah-Jane VandenBerg, a published author and popular facilitator, has empowered thousands of people to make successful life changing career decisions. She is known for her humorous and realistic approach in sharing her knowledge and wisdom.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 215

14:30 EST

215-4: (Carousels) Strategies and Tips for Leading Excellent Team Meetings
Team meetings are opportunities for colleagues to come together and pool their talents, knowledge and creativity to help move the team towards achieving its goals. All too often, though, they become just part of the regular routine, making less than optimum use of that valuable resource - time. Participants will learn how to lead productive, engaging and motivational team meetings.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the keys to well-organized team meetings
  • Balance the need for task-based and social-based priorities in meetings
  • Engage all the talent on the team for productive meetings

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Cathy Ginsberg

Cathy Ginsberg

President, People Focus Training Inc.
Cathy Ginsberg is an engaging facilitator who recently launched People Focus Training, offering leadership development programs for non-profits. She worked over 15 years in the non-profit field, most recently as Manager of an Employment Ontario site.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 215

14:30 EST

215-5: (Carousels) Using Digital Portfolios to Enhance Career Education
Join this session to learn more about using digital portfolios as a highly effective career education tool. Beyond its role in assessment, portfolio building supports reflective and strategic thinking, and preparing for jobs and the world of work. We will also share creative implementation ideas for using portfolios with your students/clients.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn how digital portfolio building relates to career exploration
  • Understand how portfolios support reflective, strategic thinking
  • Gain digital portfolio implementation ideas for career education

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Colin Asuncion

Colin Asuncion

Marketing Communications Manager, myBlueprint
Colin Asuncion is the Marketing Communications Manager for myBlueprint.ca, a leading edtech company and developer of digital portfolios and career/life planning software for K-12 and post-secondary.

Monday January 28, 2019 14:30 - 15:45 EST
Room | Salle 215