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Tuesday, January 29

09:40 EST

201: Engage Clients with eLearning: Getting Started
A traditional learning approach is said to suit baby boomers while recent research suggests that millennials embrace technology in their learning experience. Transferring some of your instructor-led training (ILT) to elearning is a great way to engage clients of all ages, and it doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive to be effective.

Learning Outcomes:
  • How to design an online course that appeals to all learning styles
  • How to reorganize and repurpose your classroom training material
  • Learn about easy to use and affordable software options

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Christine Brown

Christine Brown

Consultant, BBMD Consulting Inc.
With expertise in Human Resources, Christine Brown is a consultant with BBMD Consulting Inc. Christine develops and delivers e-learning programs to agencies across Canada. Christine is the founder of Click Learning Online.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 201

09:40 EST

202: What's So Different About Autism Anyways?
Invisible disabilities speak to bigger challenges in the workplace because many of the features inherent in diagnosis may appear to be an attitude or behaviour problem rather than a disability. As a result, people living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have the lowest employment rates among any disability groups in North America, even when controlling for impairment severity, household income and social demographics.

Learning Outcomes:
  • To clarify the workplace challenges that are specific to ASD
  • To provide strategies for effective disclosure for people with ASD
  • To provide tools for who work with individuals with ASD

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Project Manager, Autism Calgary
Sarah Taylor began her career in autism treatment in 1996. Her many years of experience in assessment, consultation and advocacy helps provide a framework for curriculum development and ASD sensitivity training for employers.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 202

09:40 EST

203: Adult and Continuing Education: A Culture of Care
This presentation will draw upon the findings of a year-long investigation into Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) provision in the eastern Ontario region. We highlight that when career and life planning is provided within a culture of care, ACE becomes a vehicle to provide appropriate and ongoing education, lifelong learning, and career development opportunities for Ontarian adults.

Learning Outcomes:
  • What is a culture of care?
  •  Why is culture of care vital for adult career planning?
  • How does ACE provide a culture of care?

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Lorraine Godden

Lorraine Godden

Assistant Professor, Queen's University
Lorraine Godden, PhD, is an Assistant Professor (Queen’s University), and Co-Chair of the Practical and Academic Research Committee at CERIC. Lorraine investigates career development policy and was a proud member of Team Canada, ICCDPP 2017.
avatar for Sandy Youmans

Sandy Youmans

Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
Dr Sandy Youmans is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Queen’s University. Recently she has undertaken Ministry -funded investigations into Adult Education, Youth Job Connection, and Full-Day Kindergarten programs.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 203

09:40 EST

204: Big Picture Learning: One Student at a Time
The Big Picture Learning model has been breaking down the walls between education and the working world since 1995, with the mission of putting students directly at the centre of their own education. Learn about the only two Met Schools in Canada and their journey towards promoting and creating personalized education programs for each student through relationships, relevance and rigour.The Big Picture Learning model has been breaking down the walls between education and the working world since 1995, with the mission of putting students directly at the centrer of their own education. Learn about the only two Met Schools in Canada and their journey towards promoting and creating personalized education programs for each student through relationships, relevance, and rigour.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding Big Picture Learning and its philosophy
  • Identify best practices in the Big Picture Learning model
  • Strategies to inspire clients to practice lifelong learning

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Maribeth Tabanera

Maribeth Tabanera

Learning Through Internship Co-ordinator, Seven Oaks Met School and Maples Met School
Maribeth Tabanera is a lifelong learner and educator based in Winnipeg. She is an industrial arts teacher with a BEd and five years of experience working in the education field. She is also a dancer and choreographer with over 20 years of training and a focus in street styles.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 204

09:40 EST

205: You’re Hired: No Resume, Just Resiliency and Skills
Youth with disabilities face high unemployment rates and barriers to work. The Abilities Centre and SenseAbility have partnered on a pilot program that combines Therapeutic Recreation with a unique job matching technology and experiential learning. No resume is required - just resiliency and skills. Learn about the pilot program and explore the implications for all jobseekers.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Identify the benefits of Therapeutic Recreation for youth with disabilities
  • Identify the benefits to employers when seeking skills not resumes
  • List the benefits of early work-related experiences for youth

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Pinder DaSilva

Pinder DaSilva

Manager, Skills Development and Social Innovation, Abilities Centre
Pinder DaSilva is the Manager, Skills Development and Social Innovation at the Abilities Centre, a charitable organization that delivers enriching sports and fitness, arts, research and education, and life skills opportunities for people of all abilities.
avatar for Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly

Director, Learning Programs | Directrice, Programmes d’apprentissage, Canadian Business SenseAbility | Entreprises Canadiennes SenseAbility
Lisa Kelly is the Director of Learning Programs for Canadian Business SenseAbility. SenseAbility provides Canadian businesses with the resources and tools they need to both employ people with disabilities and attract them as customers.Lisa Kelly est directrice des Programmes d’apprentissage... Read More →

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 205

09:40 EST

206: When Career Development Meets Curriculum | Quand l’orientation professionnelle fait partie du programme d’études
Bringing career development concepts into post-secondary classrooms can offer students powerful learning experiences, assist faculty in meeting course objectives, and broaden career services’ reach. This session will explore our experiences as we have worked with faculty to embed career development learning into curriculum and help students bridge the connection between course work and career.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Introduce theories and best practices for connecting career to curriculum
  • Explore strategies for partnership development, course design, implementation and evaluation
  • Present challenges, successes and lessons learned

Intégrer les concepts de développement de carrière à la formation postsecondaire donne aux étudiants des occasions d’apprentissage exceptionnelles, aide les professeurs à atteindre les objectifs du programme et élargit la portée des services d’orientation. Cette séance porte sur notre travail avec les professeurs visant à intégrer les principes du développement de carrière aux programmes d’études en vue de faciliter la transition entre les études et le travail.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Comprendre les théories et les meilleures pratiques pour établir un lien entre le travail et le programme d’études
  • Étudier des stratégies sur la formation de partenariats ainsi que sur la préparation, la mise en œuvre et l’évaluation d’un cours
  • Découvrir des défis, des réussites et des leçons apprises  

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for John Ault

John Ault

Manager - Student Employment and Career Centre | Directeur, Centre d’emploi et de carrière pour étudiants, University of Saskatchewan | Université de la Saskatchewan
John Ault has 23 years’ experience providing leadership, implementing strategic direction, and advocating for career services best practices in PSE. His wealth of experience has come from holding positions in the private, public and government sectors.Depuis 23 ans, John Ault dirige... Read More →
avatar for Kimberly Matheson

Kimberly Matheson

Career Counsellor, Student Employment and Career Centre | Conseillère d’orientation, Centre d’emploi et de carrière pour étudiants, University of Saskatchewan
A long-time Career Counsellor at University of Saskatchewan, Kim Matheson loves the diversity, challenge and incredible sense of satisfaction that comes from supporting and empowering students to live their best lives.Conseillère d’orientation chevronnée à l’Université de... Read More →

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 206

09:40 EST

207: From Barriers to Resilience: Building Sustainable Youth Employment
SEED is delivering youth employment services for at-risk youth in BC and achieving sustainable employment. Using innovative and responsive approaches, SEED helps at-risk youth re-frame barriers and develop resiliency. This session will review the successes and best practices of the program, with a focus on hidden barriers, support systems, action planning, and job carving.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate the scope of barriers and their impact on employability
  • Build responsive employment services using a person-centered approach
  • Foster resilience through empowering activities and guided risk-taking

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Zach Blumke

Zach Blumke

Job Developer, Douglas College
Zach Blumke is a Job Developer with Douglas College who works with youth with barriers to employment. After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre from the University of Wales in 2013, Zach moved immediately into onboarding and preparing youth for employment. In late 2018... Read More →
avatar for Mythra Lagueux

Mythra Lagueux

Community and Contract Services Programmer, Douglas College
Mythra Lagueux manages Youth Employment and Essentials Skills at Douglas College.Her portfolio focuses on sustained employment for youth at-risk. She holds a master's of education administration and over 20 years of educational experience working with youth.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 207

09:40 EST

209: Resilience: Key to Work-Life Success | La résilience : clé de l’équilibre travail-famille
Resilience, or the ability to bounce back from adversity, is a key factor in work-life success. Low resilience is characteristic of individuals caught in a cycle of intergenerational poverty and social assistance dependence. But one’s resilience is not static. This session will present data on the links between resilience and key soft skills, and the implications for employment services.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the links between resilience and work life success
  • Describe the relationship between resilience and key soft skills
  • Explore the implications for providing career counselling and employment services

La résilience, ou la capacité à se remettre d’une épreuve, est un élément essentiel de l’équilibre travail-famille. Les personnes prisonnières du cycle de la pauvreté intergénérationnelle ou d’une dépendance à l’aide sociale ont souvent une faible résilience. Mais la résilience n’est pas statique. Cette séance porte sur les liens entre la résilience, les compétences non techniques essentielles et la participation des services d’emploi.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Comprendre les liens entre la résilience et l’équilibre travail-famille
  • Décrire la relation entre la résilience et les compétences non techniques essentielles
  • Évaluer les impacts de l’orientation professionnelle et des services d’emploi

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Valerie Ward

Valerie Ward

President & CEO | Présidente-directrice générale, Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd.
Valerie Ward, MA, co-developer of the Employment Readiness Scale™ (EmploymentReadiness.info), has over 30 years’ experience developing programs, learning resources, partnerships and strategies to address the career and employment-related needs of service providers and their clients.Valerie... Read More →

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 209

09:40 EST

210: Virtual Reality: The Future Tools for Career Practitioners
Making career decisions is tough, especially with all the choices out there. Career Labs, our virtual reality (VR) tool, puts jobseekers in the driver's seat to not only get tailored job information, but to see, hear and experience the job itself.... without ever leaving the career coach's office. Career savvy decision-making has never been so hands-on or easy.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Experience virtual reality technology first-hand
  • Awareness of applications of VR tool including real time coaching
  • Best fits for using this VR tool

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Karen Caldwell

Karen Caldwell

CEO, Caldwell Training and Development
Dr Karen Caldwell is a 21st century education innovator and developer with 20+ years of experience in knowledge mobilization, applied research, and the science of learning internationally and in Canada.
avatar for Harrison Olajos

Harrison Olajos

CEO, UP360
Harrison Olajos founded UP360 in 2015 to challenge the way people perceive technologies and highlight how to solve industry problems by adopting new tech. UP360 has found its niche in developing virtual reality solutions.
avatar for Sue Watts

Sue Watts

Executive Director, Employment + Education Centre
Sue Watts, Executive Director of the Employment + Education Centre, prides herself on being innovative and bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to the employment services sector. Sue has received provincial and national awards for her work.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 210

09:40 EST

211: Indigenous Engagement & Economic Inclusion
In addition to fundamental content such as cultural sensitivity training, recruitment & retention, soft skills training for the workplace, and cultural support for hired candidates, this enhanced presentation will also cover: request for proposals (RFPs), National Indigenous Hiring Week, the Indigenous workforce vs the new “gig” economy, Indigenous women in non-traditional roles (trades) - and ongoing systemic & cultural barriers to employment.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Addressing systemic barriers for employment
  • The benefits of Indigenous engagement
  • Innovative ways to enhance Indigenous inclusion

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Sherman Kong

Sherman Kong

Business Development & Industry Engagement Manager, AMIK
Sherman Kong's area of expertise is business development within the Indigenous community in conjunction with industry to bring awareness to mutually beneficial synergies that promote Indigenous inclusion in the Canadian economy.
avatar for Christie Spencer

Christie Spencer

HR Specialist, AMIK
Christie Spencer is an experienced HR Specialist working with Indigenous communities in partnership with companies like CN, Great West Life and Assiniboine Credit Union - bridging the gap between industry and the Indigenous labour force.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 211

09:40 EST

213: Graduate Student Internship Program: Insights from Four-Year Pilot
In 2016, the U of A launched a paid internship program (GSIP) to provide graduate students with work outside of academia. We have seen the program strengthen students’ skills and confidence, and act as a bridge to employment. We presented at Cannexus 2017 on first year insights. This is an update as we enter the final year of the pilot.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Learn GSIP's strategies to overcoming challenges in piloting this program
  • Learn how GSIP addresses career challenges unique to graduate students
  • Learn how GSIP creates bridges to employment for graduate student

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Andrea	Spevak

Andrea Spevak

Graduate Student Internship Advisor, University of Alberta
Andrea Spevak is the University of Alberta’s Graduate Student Internship Advisor responsible for developing and managing the Graduate Student Internship Program. Andrea has a BSc and an MEd, both from the U of A.
avatar for Tyree McCrackin

Tyree McCrackin

Graduate Student Career Advisor, University of Alberta
Tyree is the University of Alberta's Graduate Student Internship Career Advisor responsible for supporting GSIP applicants and interns. Tyree has a BA and BEd, and is enrolled in graduate studies at the U of A.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 213

09:40 EST

214: From Hidden Sorrow to Acknowledgement and Support
Individuals feeling unseen and unheard in the context of their losses may experience disenfranchised grief. This can negatively impact their ability to find meaning in their life and career journey. This session will define disenfranchised grief, identify typical ways that career professionals may unknowingly contribute to it, and provide alternatives to better support our clients in any sense of loss.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Define disenfranchised grief
  • Identify typical ways career professionals unknowingly contribute to disenfranchised grief
  • Identify and demonstrate alternatives to better support clients with losses

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Catherine Hajnal

Catherine Hajnal

Grief Educator, Life Fundamentals
As a grief educator, speaker and consultant, Dr Catherine Hajnal facilitates an understanding of loss, supports the process of healthy grieving for individuals and organizations, and taps into the transformative potential of grief.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 214

09:40 EST

215: A Professional Development Accelerator: Achieving Engagement and Results
Increase your student engagement and success by starting early and providing a guided roadmap. Dartmouth College created a customized Professional Development Accelerator (PDA) to capture students even before they step onto campus. This session will review the planning, implementation, adjustments, results and key takeaways. Join an interactive discussion on how this model can be implemented across public and private campuses.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Techniques to engage incoming students and keep them engaged
  • How to implement and adapt new technology for career development
  • Criteria and measurement unique to each school when evaluating success

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Roger Woolsey

Roger Woolsey

Director & Senior Assistant Dean, Dartmouth College - Center for Professional Development
Prior to joining the Dartmouth community, Roger directed Career Services at Colby College, was a Professor of Communication at Boston College and held adjunct roles at Emerson College, Suffolk University and Northeastern University.
avatar for Kate Yee

Kate Yee

Career Consultant, University of Manitoba - Career Services
As a Career Advisor at Dartmouth College, Kate worked closely with the technology developers and colleagues to create the PDA. She continues her passion for early engagement in career development at the University of Manitoba.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 09:40 - 10:30 EST
Room | Salle 215