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Tuesday, January 29

13:30 EST

201: Our Career Practitioner Role in Mental Health Intervention
Our work has impact far beyond assisting clients with career plans. In fall 2018, the Career Development Association of Alberta hosted professional-development workshops linking career intervention with mental health outcomes. This session presents an overview of the of the workshop, feedback gathered from practitioners about their role supporting client mental health and wellbeing, and implications for practitioner training and practice.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Career intervention’s relationship to and role in mental health intervention
  • Knowledge competencies and professional boundaries of mental health support
  • Implications of research for practitioner training and practice

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Michael Huston

Michael Huston

Counsellor, Mount Royal University
Michael Huston is a counsellor and focuses on career development with specific interest in counsellor training, career intervention strategies and outcomes, career development as mental health intervention, and work and well-being.
avatar for David Redekopp

David Redekopp

President, Life Role Development Group Ltd.
Working for over 30 years in the wide-ranging career development field, Dave Redekopp is still curious about worker-workplace relationships, work-life connections, psychological health, the quirkiness of human behaviour, and more.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 201

13:30 EST

202: A LEAN Career Canvas
Adriano has created the LEAN Career Canvas to help students engage problem-solving in their career development processes. The Canvas is an adaptation of the entrepreneurial LEAN Canvas that emphasizes problem-solving, planning and customer focus. The session will include an explanation of the Canvas and examples of how it has been used in primarily a high school setting. Adriano invites feedback about how to pivot and iterate with this entrepreneurial career development tool.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Career development insights for students in grades 9-12
  • A career development tool to use with their students
  • Entrepreneurial adaptation for career development

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Adriano Magnifico

Adriano Magnifico

Career and Entrepreneurship Consultant, Louis Riel School Division
Adriano Magnifico has been an English teacher, career practitioner and entrepreneurship advocate in the K-12 school system for the past 35 years. His sense of career development involves connecting students to classrooms outside of school settings.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 202

13:30 EST

203: Creating a Strengths-Based, Coaching Climate with Multi-Barriered Clients
The EDGE at Brands for Canada is a pre-employment program for people with disabilities where participants benefit from the latest science in character strengths, applied positive psychology interventions and support in a 1 to 1 coaching relationship. This workshop will help you explore these tools which enable clients to realize their full potential in the world of work.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover more about the latest science in applied positive psychology
  • Adapt applied positive psychology interventions for multi-barriered clients
  • Consider a practical model for client support through 1-to-1 coaching

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Patricia King

Patricia King

Vice President, DIG Insights
Patricia King, Vice President, DIG Insights is a Credentialed Evaluator, a board member with Canadian Evaluation Society (CES-Ontario), Past-President of the CES-Newfoundland, and member of the Qualitative Research Council for the Marketing Research Intelligence Association.
avatar for Deborah Miller

Deborah Miller

Managing Director, PersonaGrata Consulting
Deborah Miller, CCDP, ACC, MEd (2019), is an educator, certified career practitioner and coach, deeply invested in bringing together the essential elements to help create a productive and meaningful life in the world of work.
avatar for Cindy Roemer

Cindy Roemer

Programs Director, Brands for Canada
Cindy Roemer is Programs Director at Brands for Canada, a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides Canadians living below the poverty line with new brand name clothing and other basic essentials.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 203

13:30 EST

204: Client-Centred Approach Model
The model supports the rebuilding of policies around the clients needs to ensure success. It is designed with the client at the centre, working through their needs, building services around their barriers to empower successful independent citizens. The model is based around the 7 sacred teachings of a community. The end result is an action plan based on client's needs.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify and acknowledge client barriers to encourage a successful future
  • Take existing policies and make them work for clients
  • How to work with partners to eliminate barriers for clients

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Tammy Martin

Tammy Martin

Career Development Practitioner, Center Director & Vocational Coordinator, First Nation's Regional Adult Education Center
Founder of the client-centred approach, Tammy Martin provides guidance to employability, training and education. Her background is in administration, non-profit organizations, business and human resources. Her passion is connecting employees with employers.
avatar for Brenda Ross-Jerome

Brenda Ross-Jerome

Career Development Practitioner, Counsellor /Instructor, First Nation's Regional Adult Education Center
Brenda Ross-Jerome works in education, career counselling and as consultant using the client-centred approach daily. Her background is in curriculum development, management, special education, teaching and is an advocate for mental health. Trust is essential.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 204

13:30 EST

205: Entrepreneurship: If You Build It, Will They Come?
You have a business name, you have a website, but where are your clients? Join us to learn about establishing and sustaining a successful career coaching practice. Hear from two independent practitioners on what’s worked and what hasn't. Learn how to establish referral partners, refine your business infrastructure, and use strategies and tactics to build or improve a profitable business.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand how to define and target your ideal client
  • Discuss the importance of getting out from behind your computer
  • Explore ways and tools to create referral marketing partners

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Jill Kirson

Jill Kirson

Owner, The Kirson Group
Jill Kirson is a Certified Coach with doctoral-level education in counselling and experience in all aspects of career management, executive and leadership development, with a caring heart and a professionally trained ear. Her specialties are in serving clients with LD/ADHD.
avatar for Barbara Wilson

Barbara Wilson

Principal, Thrive Career Consulting
Barbara Wilson is a career development and learning professional with a 20-year track record of improving individual capability, and helping organizations achieve their objectives. Barbara serves as Board Chair of the Ontario Association of Career Management.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 205

13:30 EST

206: Navigating the Development of an Online Career Course | Savoir préparer un cours d’orientation professionnelle en ligne
In 2017, MacEwan University developed an online career course, Navigating My Career Journey. Like a hiker climbing up a mountain, we faced challenges in determining the course focus, gathering institutional support, and getting “buy-in” from the university community. Post-secondary career practitioners will gain insights through the mutual sharing of our experiences navigating the vagaries of the career course development process.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Ideas for setting up and accessing supports for course development 
  • Ideas to determine your focus for content in course development
  • Ideas for buy-in to provide the course within your institution

En 2017, l’Université MacEwan a créé le cours en ligne Navigating My Career Journey. Comme un randonneur qui grimpe une montagne, nous avons dû déployer de nombreux efforts pour établir l’objectif du cours, obtenir l’appui de l’administration et mobiliser la communauté universitaire. Les intervenants en développement de carrière au niveau postsecondaire obtiendront des renseignements précieux grâce au partage mutuel des expériences liées à l’affrontement des aléas du processus de création d’un cours sur l’orientation professionnelle.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :
  • Trouver les ressources de soutien pour la préparation d’un cours
  • Établir le contenu du cours
  • Savoir obtenir l’engagement requis pour offrir le cours dans son établissement

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Cynthia Gracey Dunch

Cynthia Gracey Dunch

Career Development Specialist | Spécialiste du développement de carrière, MacEwan University
Cynthia Gracey Dunch (MA, CCDP) is a Career Development Specialist. She advises post-secondary students, delivers workshops and plans career events. She co-wrote Navigating My Career Journey, an online career course for MacEwan University students.Cynthia Gracey Dunch (M.A., CCDP... Read More →
avatar for Dorothy Ritz

Dorothy Ritz

Manager, Career Development and Experiential Learning | Directrice, Développement de carrière et apprentissage par l’expérience, MacEwan University
Dorothy Ritz, Manager of Career Development and Experiential Learning, MacEwan University, is interested in helping students manage their career journey. She served as a Board member and Chair of the Career Development Association of Alberta.Dorothy Ritz, directrice, Développement... Read More →

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 206

13:30 EST

207: From 21 Million Web Views to a Classroom Experience
"The 8 Secrets of Career Success Seminar" Based on Richard St John’s #1 TED talk on Career Success. This train-the-trainer seminar creates a high-impact experience on career perceptions, anxiety, the Quarter Life Crisis and finally to what really leads to career success. "Passion, Work, Focus, Push, Ideas, Improve, Serve, Persist". Every participant will receive a complete training package.

Learning Outcomes:
  • 8 secrets "Passion, Work, Focus, Push, Ideas, Improve, Serve, Persist"
  • Be able to train other staff and share with students
  • Access web training resources TED.com, richardstjohn.com, makingyourmark.com

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Don Fraser

Don Fraser

Professor (Ret), Durham College
Don Fraser is one of North America’s leading authorities on student success and retention. He has delivered student motivation, career success and high-performance learning seminars to over 70,000 college staff and students. .

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 207

13:30 EST

209: Brand Building for Clients with No Work History | Créer une image de marque pour les clients sans expérience de travail
How do you build a credible employment story or resume for clients with little to no work history? For youth, jobseekers with a disability, or those out of the workforce a long time, it can be a challenge. Discover how to successfully pitch any client to a potential employer, and how to build that message across multiple platforms.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify seven tools that interact to convey the client brand 
  • Discuss how to coach clients to uncover their marketable "story"
  • Practice breaking job search "rules" for maximum messaging impact

Comment créer un profil d’emploi ou un curriculum vitæ crédible pour des clients qui ont très peu, voire pas du tout, d’expérience de travail? Pour les jeunes, les chercheurs d’emploi handicapés et les personnes qui ont quitté le marché du travail depuis un bon moment, cette tâche peut être un défi. Découvrez comment bien « vendre » un client à un employeur potentiel et diffuser le message sur différentes plateformes.

Objectifs d’apprentissage :

  • Découvrir sept outils à faire interagir pour diffuser l’image de marque du client
  • Discuter de la méthode à suivre pour permettre aux clients de dévoiler des pans de leur vie qui favoriseront leur embauche
  • Briser les « règles » de la recherche d’emploi pour maximiser l’impact de votre message

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Deirdre Millin

Deirdre Millin

Program Co-ordinator and Training Specialist | Coordonnatrice des programmes et spécialiste en formation, Canadian Business SenseAbility | Entreprises Canadiennes SenseAbility
Deirdre Millin is a certified Career Counsellor with 5 years’ experience delivering impactful job search training. Drawing from deep corporate marketing experience, she brings job search tools to youth, newcomers and clients with a disability.Deirdre Millin est une conseillère... Read More →

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 209

13:30 EST

210: The Learning Cycle, Culture Shock and Change Adaptation
Career practitioners work with clients adjusting to change. One example is immigrants learning and adapting as part of cultural integration. This presentation uses learning and culture shock as examples of change adaptation. We'll look at how these link together, and examine other client contexts where learning cycle knowledge can be applied to help clients understand and adapt to change.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn about cycles of learning, culture shock and change
  • Look at change from a culture shock and learning perspective
  • Consider change and diversity contexts relevant to practitioners and clients

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Eric Pye

Eric Pye

Career Advisor, CPA Alberta
Eric Pye works with Canadian and immigrant accountants and students. He has lived in six countries on four continents. In Japan he experienced profound cultural difference and used this experience to develop and deliver intercultural skills training.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 210

13:30 EST

211: Perceived Competence of School Counsellors of Ontario
This presentation describes tasks accomplished by 73 career and guidance counsellors working in secondary schools. Results suggest that participants spend a great deal of time on tasks unrelated to career and guidance counselling. Furthermore, results suggest that participants often perceive themselves as being incompetent when it comes to some of the essential tasks associated with career and guidance counselling.

Learning Outcomes
  • Perceived level of competence
  • Description of tasks
  • Need for additional training

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for André Samson

André Samson

Professor, University of Ottawa
Dr Samson is a professor at the University of Ottawa. His research focuses on the practices of Ontario School Counselors. He is a member of the College of career and guidance Counselors of Quebec.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 211

13:30 EST

213: Gap Years as Skill-Building Experiences
With an understanding of the value of experiential learning, people are taking gap years before entering post-secondary, mid-post-secondary, prior to entering the workforce or as a sabbatical or mid-career break. We will discuss who is benefiting, what specific foundational skills are learned and why more people should pursue this pathway.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Who benefits from taking gap years
  • What foundational skills are learned
  • Current market trends

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Michelle Dittmer

Michelle Dittmer

President and Co-Founder, Canadian Gap Year Association
Michelle Dittmer (OCT, BSc, BEd, MA) is a teacher by training, experiential learning facilitator by passion. She is driven by connecting people to experiences that lead to fulfilling lives, personally, professionally and that will, in turn, make the world a better place.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 208

13:30 EST

214: Innovative Approaches to Supporting Newcomer Jobseekers
This interactive workshop will explore innovation in program design and delivery to respond to emerging client needs, test concepts, and capitalize on career counsellors' skills. It will cover programs for both internationally-trained professionals and refugees, using proven examples from ACCES Employment’s experience. Small group discussions will allow participants to identify clients' needs, program gaps and how to engage local partners.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover new ways to serve the same clients
  • Identify partnership opportunities to strengthen program delivery
  • Enable career counsellors to use a broader set of skills

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Suzana Belan

Suzana Belan

Director, Quality Assurance, ACCES Employment
Suzana Belan has over 10 years of experience in non-for-profit sector and extensive background in program development, evaluation and management. Suzana is currently the Director of Quality Assurance at ACCES Employment.
avatar for Aimee Holmes

Aimee Holmes

Director, Services, Toronto, ACCES Employment
Aimee Holmes specializes in program development, management and grant writing. She has played a critical role in launching several successful newcomer integration projects over the last 10 years.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 214

13:30 EST

215: Engaging the Online Generation by Gamifying Career Development
Almost all generations are now online, especially the internet “natives.” This gives career professionals opportunities to gamify the career development process to increase engagement and motivation. Research demonstrates the power of gamification to utilize both intrinsic motivation and extrinsic rewards for task completion. This presentation will provide gamification strategies, trends and tools to enhance career services and increase engagement.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Describe at least 3 gamification strategies for career development
  • Identify when gamification is appropriate to further career goals
  • Identify at least 2 online tools to support gamification strategies

Speakers | Conférenciers
avatar for Ronda Ansted

Ronda Ansted

CEO and Career Consultant, Be the Change Career Consulting
Dr Ronda Ansted is the founder of Be the Change Career Consulting. She is also the creator of My Career Design Studio, an online, gamified coaching program designed to support under-resourced communities and individuals.

Tuesday January 29, 2019 13:30 - 14:20 EST
Room | Salle 215