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Norman Valdez

Director, Technology and Design, Marketing and Communications
How can we leverage technology and use its power to further the mission of an organization? This is the answer I am driven to not just answer verbally but also in action. Time and time again, we face changes in technology, especially when it pertains to the collection of data. Collecting data does not need to infringe people’s privacy, but instead served as indicators that can help organization that are driven to offer social change. I thrive in finding the ways to influence social change, because I believe we live in a world that has made people more people aware of the points of growth where change can happen. In the information age we live in, technology plays a role in revealing areas of society that need urgent attention. With over 15 years delved in studies and work on digital media. At my first role at CERIC, I was able to introduce social media, by introducing this powerful form of communication, I also introduced a suite of online systems like Huddle, Office365 and Slack. Recently, I was instrumental in the launch of a new web property CareerWise and its French sister website OrientAction, platforms that bring learning and offer a way to keep in the loop in the latest on career development. Today, I am working to further the digital transformation strategy, a roadmap to invigorate our efforts on data analytics and decision making. As an instructor at Sheridan College, I was able to instill in my students a passion to drive digital media and digital media communications. In my current role as Senior Manager, Digital Media and Communications are CERIC, I am passionate to further the digital marketing strategy, online engagement, digital project management, digital transformation strategy, website analytics and social media analytics.